Eastside Music and the City of Austin

One of the many reasons to start a business in Austin is the amazing resources available to the small business owner. I discovered the City of Austin Micro-loan program a few years ago. One of the great challenges of starting a business is finding startup capital. The micro-loan was a perfect solution for Eastside Music and it allowed us to grow the business. I’m thankful for the opportunity. Check out the story the City of Austin did on Eastside Music:

Alex in Haiti

Through a series of coincidences and good fortune, I spent the Summer of 2012 volunteering at a music school in Jacmel, Haiti. The experience was life changing to say the least. I don’t speak creole (the language of Haiti), nor did most of my students speak english. As cliched as it sounds, we were able to communicate through music and I truly believe I learned more from the students than I had to offer. I took away from the experience, but most of all I learned the value of community in music. I believe my time in Haiti had a direct impact on the mission for Eastside Music School. I hope to one day return to Jacmel, but for now I’m thankful to have this record.

Original Music Library

Back in the early Eastside Music days, I created a library of original music on Soundcloud. The idea was a sort of audio portfolio for potential tv clients to peruse. I really enjoy writing music for picture. The stories on the screen inform the music. In the case of commercial work, the client’s parameters force you to come up with creative solutions and the demanding deadlines ensure you work fast.

A walk through the barton creek greenbelt

Green Belt - A Time Lapsed Walk in the Woods

One morning, I took a walk on the Barton Creek Greenbelt and snapped a picture every 10 feet or so. After 7 miles, I ended up with over a 1000 pictures. I edited the pictures together to create this time-lapse video of a walk through the greenbelt. Inspired by the images, I decided to compose and record an original soundtrack for the piece. I was pleased with how this one came out.

Eastside Music School Demo Reel. Music for film and television

Music For TV (Demo Reel)

Believe it or not, Eastside Music School started as a music production studio. Some of the first work I got after moving into the studio was producing music for film and tv. While production work is exciting, it was teaching music that eventually became a more sustainable and purposeful calling. Still, it’s fun to look back at some of the projects I produced in those early days. Below is my one and only Eastside Music Demo Reel:

Alex plays the drum machine in 2011

Eastside Sounds

This was a fun project.  In 2011, shortly after opening Eastside Music School, I had the idea to record random sounds from around the neighborhood and then remix those sounds to make a song. I used a cheap video camera to capture the sounds and images, then sampled the audio on a midi drum machine and edited the video to create this piece. It was a fun way to meet my neighbors and I ended up with a pretty cool track.

Testimonial 1

Eastside Music is one of the best learning experiences I have had. Alex is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He fosters a supportive environment which makes the advancement of musical knowledge a reality. My only regret is that I did not start sooner!