Happy Holidays from the Family Band - An Eastside Music Xmas Album

This year, a few Eastside Music teachers got together to record a Christmas Album and spread Holiday Cheer.


Sara Ulloa – Vocals
Eddie Lehwald – Piano and Vocals
Phil Spencer – Bass
Josh Fleischmann – Drums
David Jellema – Cornet and Clarinet
Alex Ballentine – Guitar

Recorded and Produced by Austin Sisler

A walk through the barton creek greenbelt

Green Belt - A Time Lapsed Walk in the Woods

One morning, I took a walk on the Barton Creek Greenbelt and snapped a picture every 10 feet or so. After 7 miles, I ended up with over a 1000 pictures. I edited the pictures together to create this time-lapse video of a walk through the greenbelt. Inspired by the images, I decided to compose and record an original soundtrack for the piece. I was pleased with how this one came out.

Alex plays the drum machine in 2011

Eastside Sounds

This was a fun project.  In 2011, shortly after opening Eastside Music School, I had the idea to record random sounds from around the neighborhood and then remix those sounds to make a song. I used a cheap video camera to capture the sounds and images, then sampled the audio on a midi drum machine and edited the video to create this piece. It was a fun way to meet my neighbors and I ended up with a pretty cool track.