Metronome Practice Tips

Rhythm is arguably the hardest part of learning to play music. This is probably because your sense of time is a “feel” that develops after many hours of practice and playing with other musicians. The best way to improve your time is to play with musicians with great time. Unfortunately, we don’t all have that luxury. No worries! The next best thing you can do is learn to practice with a metronome. In this video, I’ll show you how to practice with a metronome and even show you a few tricks to really get your rhythmic feel happening!

Beginner Guitar Lesson Series - How to Read Tab

Guitar Tablature or “Tab” is a great way to learn beginning melodies or “riffs” on the guitar. In fact, you’ll find tab to most of your favorite popular guitar songs online. With this quick and easy lesson you’ll learn the names of the guitar strings as well as how to read tab in no time. Don’t worry, ready guitar tab is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it! Check out this PDF with examples of how to read tab.

Beginner Guitar Lesson Series - Picking

In this beginner guitar lesson, we discuss how to hold the guitar pick and offer suggested picking exercises to help get you started with picking on the guitar.

Be sure to check out this PDF with written picking exercises.

Guide Tones - How to improvise melodic lines

Guide Tones are a great device for improvising or composing melodic lines. In this video with Eastside Teachers Alex Ballentine and Jamey Cummins, we discuss what a guide tone is and share ideas for incorporating guide tones into your solos to craft beautiful melodies. Check out this pdf for a greater understanding of guide tones.