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Ben Dubois

— Guitar Instructor

I teach because I want to help others learn to express themselves through music. There is so much that can be shared between people playing music together! As a child, I took guitar lessons from a neighbor who made learning the guitar so much fun that I couldn’t wait for the next lesson each week, and I strive to make my own teaching the same way. As a teenager, I was amazed by the playing of Allan Holdsworth, and John McLaughlin—wizards of the guitar, who could play anything that came to mind, no matter the speed or technical boundaries. I spent about a decade honing my technique until I too understood their technical wizardry. Later, I studied guitar at the Berklee College of Music and I continue to walk the path of musical improvement. My background is in the styles of Rock/Jazz fusion, Metal, and improvisational techniques. Together we can work to expand your playing from cowboy chords until you’re shredding as fluently as you speak your native tongue.