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Chris Abdo

— Voice Instructor

Chris Abdo holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Voice from the University of North Texas. He was a member of UNT’s A Capella Choir, ranked among the top five undergraduate choirs in the nation. He has worked with numerous acclaimed performers and voice teachers including Richard Croft, Dr. Stephen Morscheck and Dr. Stephen Austin. As young as 16, he began attending vocal pedagogy workshops and studying under college professors. Working with many different teachers and musical genres has enabled him to personalize his lessons to the musical interests and learning styles of each student. As a teacher, his use of exercises backed by scientific research coupled with an emphasis on increasing confidence and expressive freedom in singing has helped his students achieve results in real time. For Chris, seeing his students gain access to new opportunities (such as college scholarships for singing), learn step-by-step how to drop unhelpful vocal habits while building better ones, and helping singers to develop their own artistic style are all part of what makes Chris so wholeheartedly engaged in teaching the art of singing.