Performance Opportunites

We hold various performance events through the year for students to showcase their talents and get hands on experience performing or recording music. We have opportunities geared towards both children and adults.  These events allow students to work toward tangible goals, providing structure and perspective to their long-term study. They also give performers a chance to meet and connect with other students in the Eastside Music community.

End of Semester Recital

We hold two recitals each year (once at the end of each semester). These events are open to all Eastside Music Students. Participate in at least one recital per year is encouraged but not required.

Open Mic Night

We host a monthly Open Mic Night for adults (and young adults!). These low-pressure, informal gatherings are great for students working on new material. Students are welcome to play or collaborate creatively with other musicians. These ensembles can be comprised of our Eastside Music faculty members, aka our very own “house band”, or other students at the school with similar interests.

Group Classes / Bands

Our group class program is perfect for students who want a weekly opportunity to perform in a group setting. Classes start every six weeks and typically culminate in a final performance at an Open Mic Night or Recital. Check our course catalog for current offerings.

Recording Studio Sundays

We open the recording studio on Sundays for students interested in working in the studio. If you play in a band, write your own material, or are just curious about the recording process, these events are for you! Students may book the studio (with engineer) for the standard hourly lesson rate.

Master Classes / Workshops

Eastside Music teachers and guest musicians offer workshops focusing on various concepts or techniques. These intensives are open to students and will be announced throughout the year.